Have you wondered what you can do with an empty chapel?

If so, give some thought on a chapel to celebration room conversion.

Empty space doesn’t generally generate dollars. And an empty space generally doesn’t benefit the families you serve. Note that this idea isn’t for everyone but for some, it might mean the difference of several calls per year. Please check with your state and local municipality for approved zoning.

In some communities, families want a place to go after the cemetery.  A light luncheon, a full luncheon, formal or casual, catered or pot luck…

Here’s a pretty sweet solution… This is the sync system.

US made, the sync system is manufactured by Palmer Hamilton and available through FFH design, exclusively for the funeral industry.  It’s a portable table system that allows funeral home staff to flip a chapel from a service set-up to a luncheon / banquet setting in about 15 minutes. The tops are crafted with a tough, highly durable urethane edge and your choice of laminate for the top, to customize to your interiors. Two heights of posts are provided (cafe or standard and bistro height) with a stable disc base. The cart fits through a standard 36″ door and wheels to storage until you need it.  Take a look…

Want more info?  Give us a call and we’d be happy to answer your questions.  262.806.7143 or info@ffhdesign.com.

Tam Schreiner, owner & president of FFH design