Funeral Home Remodeling

Does your funeral home need a remodel?

Maybe just a  cosmetic remodel ?

That’s paint, carpet, window treatment and some furniture…

  • Your funeral home may have outdated 1970’s dark ranch stained woodwork.  Or how about 1980’s honey oak trim?
  • Or jewel tones of burgundy, hunter green and navy?
  • Is your color palette dusty blue with mauve accents? (circa 1983)
  • What about black with gold and cream? (circa 1994)

Generally, in a commercial traffic environment, it’s best to update your facility every 7 to 10 years.  That doesn’t mean a complete overhaul.  But, it also doesn’t mean painting the walls the same color that they’ve been for the last 20  (or 30+) years.  Your funeral home is half of your business brand.  What does your funeral home communicate to your families?

Updating your facility tells your families that you’re appreciative of their commitment to you.  And that you think enough of them to put some of the dollars they’ve given to you – back into the facility to better serve them.

So where’s the best place to put your dollars?

There are 4 key items (aside from the service you provide) that keep families coming back, and often times is the reason they recommend a particular funeral home.

  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS – You have 9 seconds to make a good first impression.  9 seconds on the exterior and 9 seconds when they first walk in the door.
  • WOMEN’S RESTROOM – Believe it or not, it matters to women.  Not so much the men’s restroom but certainly the women’s.  Updated, clean, fresh, with amenities.
  • HOSPITALITY AREA – Whether you call it a coffee lounge, community room or family center… the sentiment from your families is still the same,  “Are you as a business owner, interested in my comfort?”  And in this day and age, food, specialty coffees & teas and flavored waters are all part of the hospitality package.
  • IT and AUDIO/VISUAL –  Tasteful, honoring use of technology is a welcomed amenity.  What’s tasteful and honoring for your funeral home, will depend on your location.  A rule of thumb is:  If your families operate with technology on a daily basis, then your tech needs to be a step above their expectations.

Your funeral home may also need light, structural changes.

  • Does your facility have ADA compliant restrooms?
  • Do you have adequate storage for chapel equipment?
  • Are you making full use out of your chapels?
  • Is it time to install cabinetry & counters for your lounge?
  • Want to add a fireplace?
  • Busting at the seams and need to convert a garage or unused chapel into a community / reception area? (see photos below)

These are only a few reasons to make some structural changes.  Keep in mind that changes made to your facility should either improve your efficiency or be done with the intent of increasing your call volume.  Both of which add to your bottom line.

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