Remember that it’s a good problem when you’ve run out of room due to a higher call volume.

You’ve worked hard and put in long hours to grow your business.  Or, you’ve just purchased a facility of your own and want to put your stamp on it.  Either way, it could be time for an addition.

Common reasons for an addition…

  • Adding ADA compliant, multi-use restrooms
  • You want a crematory with public space for viewing
  • A community room with cabinets, counters, sink and fridge
  • Maybe you’ve converted garage space to public space and now need a garage
  • Your prep room hasn’t been updated since 1923
  • Your funeral home doesn’t have an elevator but your coffee lounge is in the lower level
  • Families are not as associated with a place of worship – and you need to be able to seat 200+ at a service

What Works

Just a few reasons we’ve come across in the last 15 years.  There are many more.  When you’ve pondered this question and determine an addition is the direction you’d like to go… these are some things that we’ve seen, that work.

  • Put a team in place that understands funeral homes
  • An Interior Design Firm is integral to this process.  Architects do structure and mechanicals, General Contractors build what others tell them to – but an Interior Design Firm creates the space.
  • Design the space backwards – what we mean by backwards is to determine what the “finished” space should look like.  Where the furniture goes, what’s the optimum traffic pattern, what level of finishes should be present, etc.  Then we draft the lighting layout, room sizes, electrical and data locations, flat screen locations, pull selections for plumbing, flooring and wall / ceiling finishes.  The last thing you want is to have a new addition only to find out it’s either too big, too small or doesn’t do what you expected.
  • Ship time on furniture and furnishings may take longer than building materials.  So furniture and furnishings should be ordered first so that they’ll be ready when the space is ready.

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