Myrhum Patten
Funeral Homes

This facility had been in the community for several years prior to the acquisition by Myrhum Patten. The owners wanted to imprint the space with warmth, hospitality and a sense of history. FFH design and the owners, researched historical photos from the local historical societies and had an outdoor photo shoot done in the surrounding county. Using these images, we were able to give the funeral home a local feel and assisted the owners with a local connection between the residents and the owners, through the funeral home.​​​​

Mr. Matt Myrhum and partner Bob Patten (along with their families) had recently purchased this funeral home. The business call volume was 11 annually at purchase. To complicate matters, the new owners were outsiders to this community. FFH design was tasked with adding proper ADA compliant restrooms, an arrangement office, a coffee lounge and updated every surface all without adding to the existing footprint of the building. Our interior design plan needed to help increase call volume while also helping the owners connect with the community. We selected a ‘natural palette’ for this agricultural community in the heart of Wisconsin. Nothing too austere and nothing too casual. In addition to accomplishing our goals, we also realized another benefit to the owners in the dramatic increase in pre-needs for that location. Since working with Matt and Bob at this first facility, they’ve asked for our assistance on three other locations. Our objective – preparing each location for growth.

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